U&i Inspires Individuals to Make a Difference for a Sustainable Future.

U&i is the idea that individuals and communities are the fundamental drivers for sustainable change. It’s about you and I leading the change to achieve sustainable development.

The Home for the Sustainable Development Community.

We are committed to promoting sustainability and educating individuals with an aim to support place based solutions-local solutions for global problems-by integrating all of the actors working towards the same goals.

From experts, organisations, businesses, and passionate young professionals, U&i is the go-to place for all of these groups around the issue of sustainability in the 21st Century.


Our vision is a world where people feel inspired and empowered to lead sustainable change in their communities.


Our mission is to inspire individuals to believe they can make a difference for a sustainable future.



Communities are the bedrock of society.
If communities are strong then society is strong.

Communities provide a sense of belonging, meaning, purpose, and place in a confusing world. We want to build a community.


Talking, debating, listening and learning are all vital to understanding the world, but at some point, action is required.

We want to support individuals and communities in taking the action required to achieve sustainable development. 


No matter what our ability is, it is the responsibility of you and I to respond to the best of our ability.

We are here to inspire people to not only to believe that they have a responsibility, but also the ability to make a difference. 


Quality and meaningful education is one of the most important aspects to personal, and societal development.

Our multimedia channel aims for unparalleled story telling to educate people on sustainable development across the world.


Listening is the key to understanding. If you and I can listen to each other, we can work together for a sustainable future.

It may seem strange to have listening as a value, but the ability to really hear someone is the key to peace and prosperity. 


In a world where people are so quick to judge and hate, the ability to be empathetic is more important than ever.

Let us all try to be more empathetic to the struggles of others, and better understand where they are coming from.

Be Inspired

Learn about all the aspects of sustainability and sustainable development in our knowledge bank. Here you can find a range of multimedia content on a range of issues.