Never again.

We said never again. But the world did not learn.

For Holocaust Memorial Day 2021, we speak to the survivors of atrocities from across the 20th and 21st Centuries to listen and learn from their stories. Our aim is to educate people on the different events that are often not discussed in history.

Read moreIn this documentary, we speak to survivors from; The Holocaust; The Genocide in Rwanda, the Genocide in Darfur, the Genocide in Bosnia, and the Sierra Leone Civil War, to see if we can ever live up to the promise of ‘Never Again’. Each of these events has left a scar on our history. What have we learned?

There are numerous other atrocities, wars, and genocides that we were not able to cover in this film. It is impossible to cover every event in a single project, and this by no means detracts anything from their significance.

A number of organisations supported us in the making of this film. You can see their websites below and donate to their fantastic work:

1) Holocaust- Holocaust Educational Trust
2) Rwanda- Ishami Foundation
Survivors Fund (SURF) and IBUKA for providing footage.
3) Bosnia- Remembering Srebrenica 
4) Darfur- Waging Peace 
5) Sierra Leone- Forum For People With Disability Sierra Leone 


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