One Organisation Rallying Youth Across the World For a Better Future- Awareness 360

How can we help to mobilise people across the world for a better and more sustainable future?

Sounds like a silly, and borderline impossible question, right? Although the challenges may be high, there are organisations acting across the world working towards delivering exactly this type of change. One of them has an inspirational story to share, Awareness 360.

Awareness 360 is a Malaysian global, youth-led organisation, present in 23 countries around the world that works on community service projects in line with the UN’s SDGs. 

The NGO runs workshops and talks on issues ranging from road safety to personal hygiene, hand-washing and water-filtration methods, in countries such as Bangladesh, Zimbabwe and the DRC. They tackle key issues in communities that need it, using the knowledge, skills and resources of members on the ground that have an understanding of the local situation. So far, their campaigns have involved and positively impacted over 150,000 people worldwide. 



The organisation is recognised by international platforms including The Diana Award, Global Citizen, Global Changemakers, UNDP, The US State Department, The Commonwealth Students’ Association and more. As for the two founders, Rijve Arefin and Shomy Hasan Chowdhury, they were listed in the Forbes 30 Under 30 as well as being the Featured Honorees for their social impact through Awareness 360.



Young people across the world believe in a better future. In every nation, the next generation wants to work toward a future that is more sustainable and leaves our children in a better position than ourselves. In many nations, the challenges to overcome appear insurmountable. From entrenched poverty, inequalities, climate change to violent crime and civil conflict, this is not an easy process. But that does not mean we should not try. Organisations like Awareness 360 are playing a role in helping communities to shape the future that they want. They are leading the charge for a better future.

The process of sustainable development, and the SDGs, is trying to integrate the most severe issues currently being faced by humanity: from environmental issues such as climate change, to economic issues like poverty and inequality, to social and cultural issues such as violent crime and instability, to governance based challenges such as corruption and nepotism. This complicated and difficult to implement process needs many stakeholders to play a part in making the world more sustainable for all, not just nation-states and not just the UN. Individuals and organisations can also play a huge part.

Organisations such as Awareness 360 are at the forefront of this movement, delivering real change on the ground. They are helping to implement the goals of sustainable development from the bottom up- through communities that have the power to make change sustainable. This is likely to make change the most long-lasting, rather than depending on external actors. And for that, they are heroes, and a story worth telling.

What can be learnt from Awareness 360? How can we learn from their inspiration lead to help lead a more sustainable future in our own lives?

Reach out and let us know your thoughts!

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